Monday, October 25, 2010

Ask an Exchange Student

Feel free to Ask an Exchange Student any questions about what it is like to live in Italy, will answer questions from the comments, I am part of a network of Exchange students who would like to create more interest in foreign studies


  1. Is it true that everyone in Italy loves to eat pasta?

  2. Yes, Pasta is the main staple of the Italian Diet, however there are many other types of food that are also widely appreciated, such as cheese, wine, pizza, and sausage (salami).

  3. What are some of the local customs in the part of Italy you are staying in?

  4. Were you their during the world cup, and if you were how pissed were the locals at how bad Italy did?

  5. @SiriusUnrelated, im playing on making another post specifically on that topic, so stay tuned. I hope to have it up either today or tomorrow

    @Lawlsauce, yes I was there was lots of disappointment among italians,They took it so seriously that many just stopped watching the rest of the world cup all together. For example i called one of my friends and asked if he had watched the world cup matches, and if he had seen italy, he sarcastically said "what world cup" pretending not to have seen italy's defeat

  6. Wait, are you an Italian living somewhere else or a foreigner living in Italy?

  7. @arcanist
    I'm a French person living in the US who did an exchange in Italy, and have lived in several other countries

    The pizza is amazing, there are a couple of differences though, instead of pepperoni, the most popular choice is patatine which is pizza with french fries baked into the cheese, crust is usually thinner, and they tend to use fresh mozarella when making their pizzas

    Me Too, i hope to go back somewhat soon

  8. Is there a higher concentration of hot chicks in Italy compared to home?

  9. do more people dress in suits in Italy?

  10. Good stuff mate - keep it up.

    Parli d'Italiano?

  11. Where in Italy are you? I've been to Trieste only...

  12. @Fuuuuuuuu
    The women are somewhat hit and miss, some are extremely pretty, while others are the complete opposite. but I have to emphasize that there more women have a better sense of style

    not really, but people tend to try and have a certain style when they present themselves in public, for example you wont see someone in pj's at the grocery store, but you also wont see someone in a dress suit at the grocery store. so in short, more people dont dress in suits, but they do dress a bit better

    si, lo imparato come se fosse mia madre lingua, ho anche imparato due dialetti

    the women are good, you just need to know how to interact with them, but then again there are some bitches, like everywhere else in the world. most women wont put out on the first date, but if you take 'em out on a second date they usually put out

  13. I spent the majority of my time in Italy, in Sardinia, but i have visited most of the major cities.